The Essentials

Looking for a less painful waxing treatment?

Outback Organic's is one of the leading waxing brands in the UK.

Passionate about giving the customer the best experience for long lasting results.

Our Opal Plum peelable hot wax effectively removes all types of hair, even the most stubborn and coarse of hair's. Targeting the most sensitive of skin concerns for intimate areas.

We also use Organic Tea Tree wax, perfect for larger areas. 

Known for its antiseptic and soothing properties to reduce inflammation caused by heat.

Expertly trained staff to give our customers confidence to walk out the door feeling comfortable after any wax treatment.

 Full Leg                          £30 
Three Quarter Leg         £26
Upper Leg                      £22
 Half Leg                         £20 
(Sensitive Plum Hot Wax Only)
Bikini                              £20
Extended Bikini              £25
Brazilian                         £40
 Hollywood                      £40 
Buttocks                         £16
Underarm                       £15
Half Arm                         £24
Three Quarter Arm         £26
Full Arm                         £28
Eyebrows                        £15
Lip                                   £10
Chin                                £10
Lip & Chin                       £15
Side Burns                        £8
Neck                                £10
Nostrils                              £5
Full Face                         £40
Male Waxing
Back & Shoulders           £28
Chest                              £28
Full Arm                          £28
Half Arm                         £24
Nostrils                             £5
Buttocks                         £16
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